Insu_Bunkai Live at Luna’s Cafe, Sacramento / 因数分解 ライヴ・イン・サクラメント

A month ago, Insu_Bunkai performed at Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento, part of In the Flow Festival.

ひと月前、サクラメントのIn the Flow Festivalで、ばねとりこは因数分解のメンバーとしてライヴに参加しました。


Luna’s Cafe was small but cute place in Downtown Sacramento. The stage was very intimate.

The audience were packed with local people, and experimental music enthusiasts.



Here’s our stage setting. The set-up in the foreground is the Banetriko’s set. Metal Percussion! Yes!

手前に見えるのがばねとりこのセットです。メタパ! メタパ!鎖でガンガンやりました。

Moe and Goda is checking sound.




These two pictures during performance were taken by Louise Mitchell. Very nice!

Her Website:


They are Bad Luck, I love them!





I forgot the name of this food, but it was yummy!


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