Banetoriko’s Tune was On the Radio WREK Atlanta, 91.1 FM / ばねとりこ、ラヂオでオンエアされたのです。

I am very happy to hear that my tune, “Tenka” was on-air at the show, “Destroy All Music” on September 26th, on WREK 91.1FM Atlanta, Georgia. This is so wonderful! I am so encouraged! My tune was played among other well-known noise artists, such as Vagina Dentata Organ. Yay! I deeply thank the radio show organizer.

The link for the archive:

The playlist:


さる9月26日の水曜の夜、ジョージア州はアトランタのラヂオ局WREK 91.1FM “Destory All Music”でアトランタのお茶の間を妖怪ノイズで襲ったのです。



ますますがんばってノイズ作るぞ! 暑さには負けないぞ! 負けないぞ… あづぃいい〜…




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