Live Diaries (2) / ライブ日記(2)

Banetoriko had a live performance on Wednesday, May 21st.

The artists from Ohio had to cancel their tour. Then big names filled in the slots – the session by open-reel tape guru, Joseph Hammer, a sound and video artist Gil Kuno and the actor, Vincent Gallo. Also, Puce Mary from Denmark. LA’s new guitar noise artist, Kiran Arora.

Many, many people showed up to see Mr. Gallo. I got a little nervous with such a huge audiences I have never experienced.

The first performance was me, Banetoriko. A yokai of the night was “Funa-Yurei” (ghosts of ships). I played the requiem for their grudge and vengeful spirits of those who drawn into water. My voice and a little dance movement naturally came out of me. I felt it was very emotional set. I was very grateful with the warm applause after my performance.

The next up was Kiran Arora. His guitar-play was speeding block of noise from his whole body, engulfed with red strobe flash. His foot stumps the metal percussion accents the noise. Very powerful enough to cut through the space. It reminded me Japanese noise guitarists, like Keiji Haino.

Then Hammer/Kuno and Gallo. Joseph Hammer plays his open-reel tapes, creating warm sound collage, which blends into Kuno’s radio noise. Gallo lays his simple and withered guitar tone. Their sound was as if I were on a distant planet and hearing the aged noise and nostalgic sound waves from the earth.

The last was Puce Mary. Emitting existential solid noise, she agitates with her effected voice. Her gaze was piercing audiences. It made us to face her noise with the whole spirit. Uncompromising strict power-noise.



オハイオからツアーで来るはずだった対バンのみなさんが、急遽キャンセルになり、そのスロットを埋めたのが、大物の方たちで、びっくり。 LAFMS等で大先輩のテープ演奏グルのジョセフ・ハマー氏、東京やLAでサウンド、ヴィジュアルアートでご活躍のギル・クノ氏、そして俳優のヴィンセント・ギャロ氏によるコラボ・セッション、そしてデンマークからはPUCE MARY、そしてギターノイズの新鋭、KIRAN ARORA。



次に登場したのが、KIRAN ARORA。赤いストロボ閃光に刻まれた身体から繰り出すギタープレイは加速された音塊。足でメタルパーカッションを時折アクセントに織り交ぜ、短いセットではあったもののそれは空間を切り裂くに十分なパワフルさ。灰野さんほか日本のギターノイズの方々を彷彿させるタイプで、あまりロサンゼルスではいない感じで、これからがすごく楽しみな人だと思いました。


トリはPUCE MARY。デンマークのインダストリアル/パワーエレクトロニクス。硬質な実存ノイズのなか、エフェクトが幾重にもかかった不明瞭なヴォイスでアジテーションする彼女の視線は、突き刺さんばかりに観客たちを見つめ、音に真剣に対峙する雰囲気につつまれました。





funayuurei 船幽霊














2 comments on “Live Diaries (2) / ライブ日記(2)

  1. Gil says:

    Great set, Banetoriko!

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