Banetoriko’s new track, “Umizato” on “V.A. Disjecta Membra #1”

Banetoriko released the new track, “Umizato” on the compilation, “V.A. Disjecta Membra” from the E.D.A. Records in Greece.

The track listing:

El Mal (Argentina) – Sangre azul
Satanico (Greece) – Chaos/Darkness/Evil
Coàgul (Spain) – La Edad de Plata
Lewel (Poland) – Gazowyolbrzym
MAD MASKS (France) – Semifer
Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου  (Simptoma Tromou) (Greece) – Στις κραυγές των ηττημένων
Narog (Greece) – Bloody Wednesday
Xtematic (Croatia) – Remaining
dE. (Greece) – lim
Κονσέρβες (Konserves) (Greece) – Το δηλητήριο ανάμεσα στους νευρώνες
Banetoriko (USA) – Umizato
Dumzday (Spain) – Deserción despreocupada

Disjecta Membra #1 Cover



THE END OF THE PARTY, 2015 or (I hope she doesn’t) Fall Asleep In The Ocean

Banetoriko provides the live music for the performance by Julie Tolentino, “THE END OF THE PARTY, 2015 or (I hope she doesn’t) Fall Asleep In The Ocean”.

At Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles

12/05/2015 11pm

Personnel: Julie Tolentino with the eternal players:

Mark So, Pigpen, Maria Garcia, John Bertel, Patrick Murch, Tamaki aka Banetoriko,  Leon Hilton, Ivan Ramos for N.T. and the rest of the worst of us

For more info: Please click here!

Banetoriko Live at ResBox Reboot, 9/23/2015 / ばねとりこライブのお知らせ

Banetoriko will be performing at ResBox Reboot, Hollywood, CA, 9/23/2015.

Line up:



Amy Knoles

Curated by Hans Fjellestad + Kio Griffith
ResBox: Presented by Trepany House @ Steve Allen Theater

4773 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90027
$10 at the door

New Release: Banetoriko “Katabira ga Tsuji” ばねとりこ「帷子辻」

New recordings on the cassette from Idiopathic Records. To order, please visit Idiopathic Records Website.

ばねとりこ新作カセット「帷子辻」がLAのレーベル、Idiopathic Recordsより発売になりました。お買い求めはIdiopathic Records Website からどうぞ。


Here’s sample: