Banetoriko “Hashihime” ばねとりこ「橋姫」

Available in digital format and the limited edition CDr.


– 鳥山石燕『今昔画図続百鬼』

released November 9, 2019

All composed and performed by Tamaki Ueda during 2017 to 2019. “Hashihime” basic track was recorded in live at Bridgetown DIY, La Puente California in summer 2017.




It’s back! :Banetoriko live at “Ambient Ocean” 6/9/2019

IMG_1573Yes, Ambient Ocean is now rescheduled and it is happening on 6/9/2019!

A Beach Show in Maribu
June 9th 6pm-9pm
43598 PCH, Maribu, CA 90265
Rest stop strongly recommended at Vintage Grocers / 30745 PCH


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