Banetoriko “Sakasa no Kikori-men yori” ばねとりこ「逆さの樵面より」

The new cassette from Banetoriko, “Sakasa no Kikori-men yori” is available!

This is based upon the short horror story on the website, “Sakasa no Kikorimen” (“The Inverse Mask of Woodman”). It is beautiful, scary and sad story.

This is the link for the story (in Japanese).


I would like to thank the author of the story for the generosity for permission to make music based on the story.



New Release: Banetoriko “Katabira ga Tsuji” ばねとりこ「帷子辻」

New recordings on the cassette from Idiopathic Records. To order, please visit Idiopathic Records Website.

ばねとりこ新作カセット「帷子辻」がLAのレーベル、Idiopathic Recordsより発売になりました。お買い求めはIdiopathic Records Website からどうぞ。


Here’s sample: