Banetoriko – Guntai-tanuki ばねとりこ「軍隊狸」

This yokai is from the legend the tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) who fought with Japanese soldiers during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904/05. Guntai-tanuki wore red cloth with the letter, “喜” (joy) and was fearless.


New Release: Banetoriko “Katabira ga Tsuji” ばねとりこ「帷子辻」

New recordings on the cassette from Idiopathic Records. To order, please visit Idiopathic Records Website.

ばねとりこ新作カセット「帷子辻」がLAのレーベル、Idiopathic Recordsより発売になりました。お買い求めはIdiopathic Records Website からどうぞ。


Here’s sample: