Banetoriko is my solo noise project, seeking dreamy, anxious noise-scape using loops and a self-made metal instrument, Banetek.

Most of Banetoriko’s solo work is metal noise inspired by yokai. Yokai is Japanese term for supernatural creatures, including monster, demon, ghost, and spirit.

Yokai story and drawing/painting appears in old history in Japan. They have been inherited Japanese culture thousand of years. Even nowadays, they are popular inspiration for many of anime, film and literature.

My lifetime beloved yokai and noise must be my great part of me. This is what Banetoriko is about.

This project officially started in early fall in Los Angeles in 2011, however, I performed in very limited occasion in past decades.

I fell in love with noise when I was little. My first recording was sound of eating chocolates.

My first compositional recording was included sound of freeway noise, recorded with a microphone covered in a sea shell, and an organ drone.

During 90’s in Japan, while absorbing many noise / experimental, and industrial music, and released only very limited cassette tapes under other projects.

In 2021, I moved to Osaka, Japan.

I am deeply and quietly excited about my current project Banetoriko, and looking forward to sharing my noise with you.

I hope you enjoy my website!

Tamaki a.k.a. Banetoriko













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