Banetoriko / ばねとりこ

Sakasa no Kikori-men yori 「逆さの樵面より」/ Cassette, Advaita Records (2020) (USA)

Hashihime「橋姫」/ CD-R, Self-release (2019) (USA)

Beside the Sluice 「堰の傍」/ CD-R, Neurec (2017) (Japan)

Katabira ga Tsuji 「帷子辻」/ Cassette, Idiopathic Records (2015) (USA)

Yuki-Onna 「雪女」/ Cassette, Banned Production (2014) (USA)

Hasshakusama 「八尺さま」/ Free Download Single, Absence of Wax (2014) (USA)

Split CD with Salmonella “Kagefumi” 「影踏み」/ CD, Obake Koubou (2014) (Japan)

Insuu_Bunkai / 因数分解

Self Title / CD-R Limited 20 copies (2012)

Collaboration Works

Gloomystairs (with Salmonella)

「s/t」/ Flexi Disc (2015), Obake Koubou (Japan)

Kuda-gitune / くだぎつね (with Ken Kawamura)

Cistern Hymns / 12-inch  (2013) Limited 300 copies, Little Mafia Records (USA)


Banetoriko, “Umizato” / ばねとりこ「海座頭」

Disjecta Membra #1 / V.A. (2016) Cassette Limited 150 copies, E.D.A. Records (Greece)

Deathtoriko / ですとりこ (with Deathpera)

SUICIDAL GALLERY FIRST EXHIBITION  / V.A.(2012) CD-R Limited 66 copies (Japan)

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