5/27/2023 at Ochiai Soup, Tokyo, Japan


K2 / Government Alpha X Kazumoto Endo / Ebola Disco / Banetoriko / Skin Job / DxSx aka Dave Skipper

Past Live

4/16/2023 at environment 0g in Osaka, Japan


Festering Genital Orifice (from Australia) / Orhythmo & Kayu Nakada / Junkyard Shaman / Banetoriko / din-i-ilahi

11/18/2022 at environment 0g in Osaka, Japan

“Ejaculatory Initiation Vol.2”

Dave Skipper / Juri Suzue / Nulkvercent / Junkyard Shaman / Banetoriko

06/25/2022 at environment 0g in Osaka, Japan

“Unknown Electronics”

Banetoriko / hatonoband / Caribe+AMU / Juri Suzue / IEDE / MICTORA

DJ: dr. masher / Junya Hirano (environment 0g/remodel)
VJ: heureux

05/21/2022 at Ochiai Soup in Tokyo, Japan

“Nunobashi Kanjoe”

T. Mikawa / Timișoara / Banetoriko / Okinawa Electric Girl Saya / DJ Belle

03/26/2022 at environment 0g in Osaka, Japan

“Ejaculatory Initiation”

Banetoriko / MOENOS / Junkyard Sharman / nulkvarcent / Blood Church Kommando / din-i-lahni

03/27/2021 at Imaginary Network Topologies #24

(Streaming) Recorded Banetoriko live at a music studio in Nara, Japan

Bonnie Jones / JD Zazie / Allen Moore / Banetoriko / Abdul Hamid Sherzai

10/16/2020 at Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, CA

for “Axial Age Festival” (Streaming)

endometrium cuntplow + Leah P / 80kv / dendreh booldbath / Banetoriko / TV-MA

3/21/2020 at my home, Burbank, CA

COVID-19 Lockdown live (Youtube video)

11/09/2019 at LACDA, Los Angeles, CA

for “The Benders Circuit – Expanded Documentary Event”

Malfunkn / univac / Disappearing / Loop Goat / Banetoriko

6/9/2019 at the beach, 43598 PCH, Maribu, CA

for “Ambient Ocean”

Nora Keyes / Geroge Sarah / Banetoriko / Perfect Blue

4/30/2019 at Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, CA

for Celebration for Walpurgisnacht

D/s / Black Artiodactyls / Circuit Wound / Nu Sire / Banetoriko

3/2/2019 at Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, CA

for GX Jupitter-Larsen’s 60th Birthday

John Wiese / Crank Sturgeon / Banetoriko / AMK / Allegory Chapel Ltd

11/16/2018 at The Rec Center, Los Angeles, CA

“The gods have become our diseases”

Grimly Forming / Banetoriko / Pure Shit / Home Improvement

10/24/2018 at The Airliner, Los Angeles, CA

“Other Worlds #3: Underworld Scorcher”

Qwizzxzzz.zzz.zzz / Charmine’s Names / Icewater Tea (Live Score) / Banetoriko

9/8/2018 at Photon Oasis N.010 Forest Show in Angel Crest Forest

Michael DeMaio / Banetoriko / Pure Shit

9/4/2017 at Bridgetown DIY, La Puente, CA

Gus Caldwell / Banetoriko / Host to Infinity / Nuance

6/13/2017 at (the) Handbag Factory, Los Angeles, CA

“Idiopathic Records Presents”

Allegory Chapel Ltd. / The White Improvisor /

Kiran Arora / Banetoriko / Race to The Bottom

1/21/2017 at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood, CA

“A Night of Ecstasy”

Carmina Escobar / Banetoriko

11/16/2016 at Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

“Hesse Press : Mata  / Matt Lifson Book Release Party”

White Gold (Phil Blankenship & John Wiese) /

Unica (Maria Garcia & Nial Morgan) / Carmina Escobar /

Tamaki Ueda (Banetoriko) + Elden M.

04/30/2016 at Muzeumm, Los Angeles, CA

“The Benders Circuit: An Event for Documentary”

Jeff Boynton / Banetoriko / Push Play / Brian Cantrell / VJ Avant / Univac / Malfunkn

02/12/2016 at MATA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Celebrating GX Jupitter-Larsen’s New Book, “Nihil Ad Rem”

GX Jupitter-Larsen / Waves (CA) (John Wiese+Damion Romero) /

Unsustainable Social Condition / Banetoriko

12/05/2015 at Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

Banetoriko joins the performance piece of:

Julie Tolentino: THE END OF THE PARTY, 2015 or (I hope she doesn’t) Fall Asleep In The Ocean

At Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

9/23/2015 “Serious Feminine Noise” at “ResBox”, Steve Allen Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Telecaves /Amy Knoles / Banetoriko

4/13/2015 at MATA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Andrea Pensado / Isolde Touch / Banetoriko / Kid606

4/5/2015 at Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

XIA/Xiu Xiu Noise Set (Telecaves, Banetoriko, Shayna Dunkelman, Angela Seo and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) / Father Murphy

3/21/2015 at Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA

David Allen / Pure Shit / Banetoriko / Kiran Arora

3/20/2015 at Handbag Factory, Los Angeles, CA

Crank Sturgeon / GX Jupitter-Larsen / Nephila / Banetoriko

1/14/2015, at Hyperion Tarvern, Los Angeles, CA

Kuno Kano / Maciej ożóg(Poland) / Liew Niyomkarn (Thailand/LA) / Banetoriko / Telecaves

12/10/2014, at Hyperion Tarvern, Los Angeles, CA

Telecaves / Banetoriko / Ellen Phan & Albert Ortega / Raugust / DJ Don Bolles / Earl 63.

12/06/2014, at Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA

Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros / Banetoriko / Pure Shit /Allegory Chapel Ltd.

9/28/2014 at Sphaerae, AxS Festival, Pasadena, CA

A part of Noise Movement event, SHATTER+CENTER by Julie Tolentino

9/20/2014 at dA Center, Pomona, CA

“Experimental Half Hour presents Lossless Summit”

Pod Blotz / Eva Aguila /Leah P. / Nephila / Telecaves / VRS / Unica / Banetoriko

8/4/2014, at Pehrspace, Los Angeles, CA

Banetoriko / Brent Mitzner / Vehicle Reversing Systems / Jeremy Kennedy

6/21/2014, at UCLA Warner Graduate Studio in Culver City CA

“ presents A Noise Solstice”

Banetoriko / Damion Romero / French Vanilla
GX Jupitter-Larsen / Handsomest Drowned Man / Kuno-Kano / Telecaves

6/20/2014, at Blood Orange Infoshop, Riverside, CA

Desert Center / Banetoriko / Hex Horizontal / Primary Colours

5/21/2014 at Mata Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Puce Mary / Joseph Hammer / Gil Kuno / Vincent Gallo / Kiran Arora / Banetoriko

2/10/2014 at Mata Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Ryan Jordan / Pulsating Cyst / Banetoriko

11/27/2013 at Ear Meal Webcast, Los Angeles, CA

Banetoriko (webcast)


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