Hijokaidan “Modern” / 非常階段 “Modern”





I bought my favorite Hijokaidan’s album, “Modern”.

I had this CD in the past but I got this one again.

I can hear more texture than before. I hear something new every time I listen to.

Noise, 74 minutes. Feels like being released. Purification.


Kuda-gitsune / くだぎつねのこと

Kuda-gitsune performed on January 17.

More than a month ago! Procrastinating to write this blog too much… I gave up with many SNS, however this blog is a most long-lasting yet.

Anyway, The live was at The Battery Books & Music in South Pasadena.

Surrounded by nice smell of used books, we (me and Ken) could perform in good mood. There weren’t many audience, but a few people listened eagerly. I was so pleased one of them bought our record!

I learned I should do more about buzzing ham noise. This buzz got overdubbed when I was creating loops…



Talking about records, Kuda-gitsune’s first LP has been released! You can buy at Carbon Records:

I designed the artwork as well. This is created upon the picture I took, the ruins of loading deck for semi trailers.





ひと月以上も前! ブログ書くのさぼり気味ですう…。 いろんなSNSにすべて挫折したわたしですが、これでもブログはつづいているほうなのです。

さておき、サウスパサデナの古本屋さんでやりました。The Battery Books & Musicというところです。


ジーっていうハムノイズ対策をもっとやらんといけんと思いました。ループを重ねる度にジーまで重なってしまうのです (; ω ; )。

そうそう、くだぎつねのレコードがついに発売したったです。Carbon Recordsから発売中です。