Banetoriko – Hiderigami ばねとりこ「魃」


Banetoriko’s new track, “Umizato” on “V.A. Disjecta Membra #1”

Banetoriko released the new track, “Umizato” on the compilation, “V.A. Disjecta Membra” from the E.D.A. Records in Greece.

The track listing:

El Mal (Argentina) – Sangre azul
Satanico (Greece) – Chaos/Darkness/Evil
Coàgul (Spain) – La Edad de Plata
Lewel (Poland) – Gazowyolbrzym
MAD MASKS (France) – Semifer
Σύμπτωμα Τρόμου  (Simptoma Tromou) (Greece) – Στις κραυγές των ηττημένων
Narog (Greece) – Bloody Wednesday
Xtematic (Croatia) – Remaining
dE. (Greece) – lim
Κονσέρβες (Konserves) (Greece) – Το δηλητήριο ανάμεσα στους νευρώνες
Banetoriko (USA) – Umizato
Dumzday (Spain) – Deserción despreocupada

Disjecta Membra #1 Cover


Banetoriko Live 02/12/2016 ライブのお知らせ

Banetoriko will perform at MATA Gallery in Los Angeles, CA on Feburary 12, 2016 for celebrating GX Jupitter-Larsen’s new book, “Nihil Ad Rem”, published by Hesse Press.

5–6 PM
Book signing at Hesse Press’s booth at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair, MOCA Geffen Contemporary, Los Angeles

10:30 PM
Launch party/show at MATA
GX Jupitter-Larsen
Waves (CA)
Unsustainable Social Condition
MATA, 3709 West Pico Blvd.



I am very, very excited about this! Very interested in reading this book, and honored to perform in this special night!

この本はぜひ手に取って読んでみたい! きっといろいろな貴重な話を聞くことができると思います。ノイズアーティスト関連の著書が最近よく世に出るようになってとてもありがたいです。