Banetoriko Live in Osaka 3/26/2022

Banetoriko will appear the show “Ejaculatory Initiation” at environment 0g in Osaka in March 26, 2002.


3/26 (sat) open 18:00 / start 18:30 adv 1500yen / door 2000yen (excl.1drink)

Ejaculatory Initiation 

banetoriko (ばねとりこ)


Junkyard Shaman


Blood Church Kommando



Moved to Osaka, Japan

After going back and forth, many twists and turns in this chaotic age, I moved to Osaka, Japan. Please stay tuned for Banetoriko!


Banetoriko appears in “Imaginary Network Topologies #24”

 Banetoriko will be on the streaming show “Imaginary Network Topologies #24”, on March 26 (Japan time will be March 27.)

This Banetoriko’s performance is a pre-recorded live video in a music studio in Nara, Japan, on March 10, 2021.

Bonnie Jones

JD Zazie

Allen Moore


Abdul H Sherzai

Two showtimes: 8pm CET and 9pm EDT on March 26, 9:30am in Japan on March 27.

Banetoriko “Sakasa no Kikori-men yori” ばねとりこ「逆さの樵面より」

The new cassette from Banetoriko, “Sakasa no Kikori-men yori” is available!

This is based upon the short horror story on the website, “Sakasa no Kikorimen” (“The Inverse Mask of Woodman”). It is beautiful, scary and sad story.

This is the link for the story (in Japanese).


I would like to thank the author of the story for the generosity for permission to make music based on the story.


Banetoriko “Hashihime” ばねとりこ「橋姫」

Available in digital format and the limited edition CDr.


– 鳥山石燕『今昔画図続百鬼』

released November 9, 2019

All composed and performed by Tamaki Ueda during 2017 to 2019. “Hashihime” basic track was recorded in live at Bridgetown DIY, La Puente California in summer 2017.