Banetoriko + Elden M performance 11/16/2016

Banetoriko will perform with Elden M. (Allegory Chapel Ltd., Avellan Cross) at Human Resources in Chinatown, Wednesday, 11/16/2016.

In celebration of the release of Matt Lifson and Mata’s books through Hesse Press.

8pm to 11:59pm

Performances by:

(LA; Phil Blankenship & John Wiese)

(LA; Maria Garcia & Nial Morgan)


TAMAKI UEDA (Banetoriko) + ELDEN M

Paintings by Matt and Mata junk sculptures will be installed upstairs. On view from 12pm, before the performances.

$5 Donation

Human Resources

410 Cottage Home St, Los Angeles, California 90012




White Gold


Carmina Escobar

Elden M (as Allegory Chapel Ltd.)

Tamaki Ueda (as Banetoriko)

THE END OF THE PARTY, 2015 or (I hope she doesn’t) Fall Asleep In The Ocean

Banetoriko provides the live music for the performance by Julie Tolentino, “THE END OF THE PARTY, 2015 or (I hope she doesn’t) Fall Asleep In The Ocean”.

At Human Resources, Chinatown, Los Angeles

12/05/2015 11pm

Personnel: Julie Tolentino with the eternal players:

Mark So, Pigpen, Maria Garcia, John Bertel, Patrick Murch, Tamaki aka Banetoriko,  Leon Hilton, Ivan Ramos for N.T. and the rest of the worst of us

For more info: Please click here!