The Rice Cooker Blues / 妖怪『鳴釜』

My beloved rice cooker finally gave up on me. He died.

It was wonderful six years with Mr. Rice-cooker.

So I decided to take him apart if I can find some useful parts for noise.

He was very simple. As dried rice fell from departed parts, I began missing him. Sayonara…

I saved these remembrances (also the inner pot, which is not in pictures) for the future. Spring is always useful. This thick metal thingy makes faintly dried metal sound when I hit.

… Now, I guess I have to cook rice with a pot…











『吉備津神社には鳴釜神事の起源として以下の伝説が伝えられている。 吉備国に、温羅(うら)という名の百済の王子が来訪、土地の豪族となったが、鬼となり悪事を働いたため、大和朝廷から派遣されてきた四道将軍の一人、吉備津彦命に首を刎ねられた。首は死んでもうなり声をあげ続け、犬に食わせて骸骨にしてもうなり続け、御釜殿の下に埋葬してもうなり続けた。これに困った吉備津彦命に、ある日温羅が夢に現れ、温羅の妻である阿曽郷の祝の娘である阿曽媛に神饌を炊かしめれば、温羅自身が吉備津彦命の使いとなって、吉凶を告げようと答え、神事が始まったという。』

「鳴釜神事」「フリー百科事典 ウィキペディア日本語版』より鳴釜神事



An inner pot remind me yokai (Japanese folklore spirit / monster), “narigama”.

I drew my version of narigama, based on the painting by Sekien Toriyama.

So much fun to sketch yokai.

I found out interesting facts about narigama.

The origin of this yokai comes from the ritual at Kibitsu Shrine, Okayama, divining fortune by sound of the pot cooking rice.

According to Wikipedia Japan,

“This is a story about the origin of the ritual of narigama:

The prince of Baekje, Ura visited Kibi no Kuni in Japan. He became a powerful clan in the region, but then he became a demon, committing evil acts. So the Yamato imperial court sent one of the four shoguns, Kibutsuno Hikomikoto to cut Ura’s head off. Even after being beheaded, his head kept growling. Ura’s head kept growling even he let dogs eat the head to bones, or he buried it under the iron pot at the shrine. One day, Ura appeared in kibitsuno Hikomikoto’s dream, saying if he let Ura’s wife (Asohime) cook the rice for him, he would tell the fortune. This is how the ritual of narigama started.”鳴釜神事

Yokai and noise are related often.
Making noise with the rice cooker has deep significance… I guess.

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